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Rockhampton and Livingstone's own Plastic Free Places program

Our impact (and counting)


Our impact as at June 1, 2023 is... 

*Plastic Free Champions are members that have eliminated all of our key plastic items (straws, coffee cups & lids, takeaway containers & lids, foodware (cutlery, plates, cups etc), water bottles & bags).

Plastic Free CQ is is a community project under under Boomerang Alliance's Plastic Free Places program, which commenced in March 2021. 


In a nutshell, we work directly with food retailers in Rockhampton/ Livingstone and assist them to switch from single-use plastics to better alternatives.


But... that's just the beginning. We also work with councils, suppliers, manufacturers and composters to deliver real solutions to businesses.

And if that's not enough.. we aim to inspire our community (i.e. YOU) to make changes in your own life and support those businesses that do too. 


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